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it's National tree week! We're planting 5 trees for every artwork sold until Sunday

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What is Abstract Expressionism?

We take a closer look at the Abstract Expressionism movement and explore how it has shaped contemporary art today.

Art Glossary

Out of the blue: what does the colour have to do with art history?

The evolution of the colour blue proves that role of colour in art history is just as important as any art movements or new artmaking technologies.

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5 ways to add sculpture to your art collection

If you’re excited about getting started on your sculpture journey, we’re here to give you some tips on different ways you can display your new artworks.

Decor Inspiration & Tips

How to use the colour wheel to help you decorate

Discover how to use the complementary colour wheel to achieve your dream home – utilise colour wheel opposites or monochromic palettes.

Decor Inspiration & Tips

Baring it all: a history of the nude

Just like us humans, art history started its life in the nude. Therefore, before we can establish the line between art and porn, it’s important to explore the history behind the nude.

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A guide to creative upcycling

Here, we chat to our artist community about all the ways they do their bit for the environment.


Introducing Ruup & Form founder, Varuna Kollanethu, to Artfinder's curatorial board

"As a gallerist with an in-depth understanding of corporate needs and relationships, she is uniquely positioned for her work with artists and professionals alike."

Art News

What are art prints?

A delve into the world of prints and an insight into how our artists create them.

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Artfinder's Impact Report 2022

We've published our third impact report, which not only highlights the great work we do, but holds us accountable in the years to come.

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Meet our Artist Ambassadors: Peter Goodhall

Join us as we introduce each member of our newly appointed Artist Ambassadors Board.

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