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Berkey Pro Care Maintenance Kit: Is It Necessary?

The ProCare Maintenance Kit, by USA Berkey Filters, is convenient way to monitor and maintain the performance and long-term effectiveness of your Berkey Water Filter System. With one cleaning kit, you can clean your Black Berkey™ purification elements without having to wait for shipment or replace them before you’re ready.  Keep your Berkey water purifying system working at peak performance with help from the Procare Maintenance Kit. It features The ProCare cleaning and maintenance kit offers peace of mind, especially if you are away from home and your system doesn’t get as much use. This kit makes it easy to clean and maintain your Berkey water purifying system so that it keeps working at peak performance.  As a Berkey filter’s performance depends on the quality of water that passes through it, it is extremely important to keep it clean and healthy. The maintenance kit comes with everything you need to clean your filter quickly, easily, and effectively. It includes a spare Black Berkey Water filter, which can be back-flushed multiple times before needing to be replaced. Also included in this kit are two brush screws for removing the top cap of your Berkey filter, black pipe cleaner from Berkey, and two types of cleaning brushes — a regular purpose brush for cleaning inside the Black Berkey and a soft bristle brush for cleaning the fireproof media in your filter. In addition, there is an instruction sheet with directions on how to use each of these items as well as general suggestions for maintaining your filter’s performance.

To ensure lasting performance over time, it is important to keep your filter clean. This maintenance kit includes the six most common replacement parts needed for the Black Berkey purification element. When these parts become saturated with minerals and sediment, it affects the flow of water through them. Once the flow becomes restricted, your Berkey system may not perform at maximum efficiency. If you are using fluoride or chlorine in your water supply, we also recommend using a fluoride and/or chlorine drop in each gallon of water as a maintenance precaution (see additional items in related products).

The health benefits of clean, great-tasting water have been well documented, and the filters in Berkey Water Filtration Systems help ensure your drinking water is clean plus enjoyable to consume. With normal use and proper care, your Berkey’s system filters will provide you with exceptional tasting drinking water for decades. But if you’ve got hard water or don’t properly maintain your system, they can become clogged and will no longer produce water in its intended quality and quantity.

Keep your countertop water filter working in top form with an easy-to-use cleaning kit. The Berkey Pro Care Maintenance Kit is perfect to have on hand as it contains everything you will need to extend the life of your filter while keeping it functioning at maximum efficiency. This product contains a pre-filter, a sediment filter, and a high-grade 0.5 micron carbon block filter that remove chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), heavy metals including lead and mercury, THMs and other chemicals harmful to health.


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