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Winter Activities for Active Seniors

When the cold weather begins to set in, it can be challenging for seniors to stay motivated to keep moving. Going outside for walks or tending to the garden may not be an option, and many people will opt to wrap up and watch TV instead. Seniors must remain mobile and active throughout the year to prevent their bodies from seizing up. Here are a few of the ways that seniors can stay active during the colder winter months.

Get an exercise peddler

One of the best ways to fit exercise in while staying warm and relaxing at home is with an exercise peddler. Anyone can use them to exercise both their legs and their arms while watching TV or reading a book. It will work the leg and core muscles and is a good way to increase cardio and blood circulation. You can even use them for your arms by placing them on a tabletop. They are portable, small, and easy to store when not in use.

Go out to the mall

Going out to the mall can be an excellent opportunity to get moving during the winter. You don’t necessarily need to be shopping or looking to buy anything, but you can instead just browse and get a good walk in. Malls are all indoor, meaning that it doesn’t matter if it’s cold outside since the building is temperature controlled. They typically have smooth, flat flooring making it easy to get around with a walker or manual wheelchair. If you don’t have a walker with wheels, and rarely need to use them, you can rent one during the winter months from

Walk up and down stairs

Going up and down stairs is fantastic for building strength in the legs and boosting circulation by bringing up the heart rate. You can adapt this activity based on your mobility, meaning that all seniors can take part in some way. For those who are more mobile, they can aim to go up and down a set of stairs one or two times per day. It can be done slowly using the handrail for support and for extra leverage. For those who are less mobile, they can practice going up and down a single step.

Reorganizing the pantry

Winter is a great time to do some reorganization since you won’t be spending as much time outside. Reorganizing the pantry is another way to stay active, as you’ll be lifting and lowering your pantry items, which can help build arm strength. Food items like cans of soup or beans are perfect for seniors to lift, as they aren’t overly heavy and reduce the risk of strain. They can even use the cans and lift them up and down a couple of times to help exercise their arms even more.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are a safe and accessible way to do some upper body exercises at home. Hand weights can often be dangerous for seniors, as there is a risk of straining or pulling muscles if the weights are too heavy. Resistance bands are flexible and the user determines the effort required to use them so they can pull as much or as little as they are comfortable with.

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