What is a Parasite Detox and Do You Need One? 

Anyone who’s ever been even remotely serious about taking care of their body has probably heard of parasite detox. Doctors and health professionals commonly recommend performing a parasite cleanse since parasites are easily ingested with the fresh vegetables and fruits that we eat daily. Excluding some types of foods and including completely natural, herbal parasite detox supplements in the daily routine can help you prevent a parasitic infestation in your digestive tract.

Yes, if you perform a parasite detox when you don’t need it, you probably won’t do any damage. But if you are experiencing symptoms that might be caused by the presence of parasites in your body, you should take the detox seriously. So, let’s take a look at what parasites do, what kind of symptoms you’ll notice, what a parasite detox is, and of course, whether or not you need one. 

What is a Parasite Infection?

As scary as it may sound, a parasite infection is (in most cases) nothing to worry about. You would be surprised at how many people actually have one, and you would be even more surprised at how many of them are undiagnosed. This means that you have a host of people who don’t really know they’re carrying a parasite inside their organism because there’s a lot of ways to get one (sharing a bed with your dog is one, for example).

What is a Parasite Detox

That being said, a common misconception is that parasites are equal to intestinal worms. Yes, intestinal worms are parasites, but they’re far from the most common types of parasites you could be dealing with. Microscopic parasites like amoebas or flukes are a lot more common, and getting them is easier than you might think. You could get amoebas by just drinking bad water, and the result could be diarrhea you really don’t want to be dealing with. 

How Will You Know?

The next thing a lot of people want to know is how do you know you have a parasite infection? Well, you can’t know for sure until you go to a doctor and get diagnosed, but there are some symptoms that might indicate some kind of parasite infection.

Your skin is your body’s largest detox organ, and as such, is the one that will pretty much instantly start telling you that there is something wrong. Your body will fight and attempt to throw away the negative effects of the parasite, and that fight will manifest in your skin – you’ll notice psoriasis and rashes. If you notice something like that, it’s probably a good idea to check with your doctor.

It’s not always about things you can see, though. Sometimes you’ll feel symptoms instead, and we’re talking about fatigue and exhaustion. These are two indicators that something might not be going as well as you think in your body.

Last but not least, we mentioned amoebas earlier. If you’re dealing with that, the symptoms are usually digestive disturbances, and in bad cases, diarrhea. On the opposite end, hookworms will usually make you constipated. 

On to the Main Thing – What is a Parasite Detox?

Now that you know what the problem is, let’s look at the solution. A parasite detox, as complex as that might sound, is nothing more than a simple diet, or just an adjustment to your food and supplements. The goal is to deal with any parasites in your body, and there are various ways to go about that.

The one you’ll find being recommended commonly is herbal supplements like grapefruit seed extract or oregano oil. And while they might sometimes work, they could also cause some rather harsh side effects, and you don’t want to be dealing with those.

What is a Parasite Infection

The smart way to go about it is to talk to your doctor or health practitioner, and see what they’ll suggest. You could even help things out with parasite detox supplements if you want to get rid of the parasites more quickly, but again – don’t do that without talking to an expert. 

Do You Need One?

We’re going back to the beginning with this, but the same thing we said earlier, still stands – if you don’t have parasites, a parasite detox won’t do much for your body. On the other hand, there’s the fact that parasites are an issue for a lot more people than you’d think, so if you’ve felt one (or more) of the symptoms we mentioned earlier, it’s not a bad idea to get things checked out.

If your doctor does say you’ve got parasites in your body, a parasite detox will probably help you sort things out in an effective manner. And with it being a rather simple thing in terms of what you can and can’t eat, it’s actually pretty easy to do one and get rid of any problematic parasites. 


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